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Definition of quality

For GALWAH, quality is the degree to which the offer of our plating services satisfies the expectations of our customers, at a price that can be reasonably accepted by both parties. We focus each aspect of operation on the area of galvanic coatings on customer satisfaction, which is the most important benchmark of QUALITY of our services. QUALITY is achieved through such a management of our processes and actions, which ensures compliance with the requirements of the standard PN - EN ISO 9001:2009, and in the areas related to automotive industry – requirements of technical specification ISO/TS 16949:2009.

Strategic quality goals

  • - increase customer satisfaction with our services and demonstrate that we are a competent and reliable service provider,
  • - constantly improve the efficiency of the quality management processes,
  • - diversify the types of coatings so we can offer our customers plating services which are beyond the reach of our competitors,
  • - provide our customers with professional and polite assistance in solving their problems related to the area of electroplating.


Below you can find the certificates that we have obtained: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, IATF 16949:2016

Company's policies

History of the certificates we have held

ISO 9001, since 2001
ISO/TS 16949, 2002 - 2018
IATF 16949, 2018 - now
ISO 14001, since 2004


Our laboratory is equipped with devices allowing us to analyze composition of all the types of baths used in particular devices, which allows for their full utilization in every instant and for maintaining good production level.

We also have a possibility to fully test in micro-scale all the novelties offered on the galvanic coating market by the top European companies (ENTHONE, DR. HESSE, SCHLOETTER, ATOTECH, SurTec, etc.).

At the moment, we have the following laboratory equipment:

  • - Vision LYNX microscope
  • - Photometers
  • - X-Ray - a device to measure coating thickness and chemical composition of galvanic bath using X-ray fluorescence

Quality Control Department

Based on knowledge of our Quality Control Department employees and devices from renowned European companies, we are able to offer full range of analysis for our coatings - from precise thickness measurement, to salt chamber testing, or climatic chamber - depending on our clients needs. All the testing and measurement is done with respect to the Polish standards, FIAT standards, DIN, EDS, VOLVO, TL, DBL, PSA.

We use the following equipment to conduct the quality control:

  • - Devices to measure coating thickness (Deltascopes)
  • - Salt chamber
  • - Chamber to test corrosion resistance using cyclic method
  • - Endoscope
  • - Microscopes
  • - X-Ray