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In our company it is not possible to perform nickel plating, as the technological process in this case requires a different processing of preparing the surface prior nickel plating than is applied in our nickel plating process. Simultaneously, we would like to inform potential customers that we know the process of nickel plating for alloy-made products and should the interest of our customers in this technology grow, we are ready to implement it.

Yes, there is a possibility of performing tests in the salt chamber, however, exclusively according to the DIN 50021 standard, as presently we only hold one test stand. However, we inform that we are ready to conduct other tests in the salt chamber if the provisions of the new contract require so.

Currently, due to the requirements of the industry not to apply hexavalent chromium compounds at passivation of zinc and zinc-alloy coatings, we have purchased technologies that apply trivalent chromium compounds. Application of chromating with the use of trivalent chromium only and ensuring anti-corrosion protection of coatings, the same as when applying hexavalent chromium compounds requires application of more expensive components and applying additional sealing of the coating, which results in additional costs.

Probably yes, but we need to know the number of the standard in which this symbolics of coatings is applied. Various standards differently mark the thickness and kind of applied layers and their level of smoothness (gloss) and in case of passivated coatings the colour and corrosion resistance of the passivation on salt mist. The standards also specify if application of hexavalent chromium is allowed to create the passivation layer and if the chromium can be present in this layer. Therefore, the ordering party shall decide what is the standard and symbol of the coating to be made on their detail.

We don't lacquer glossy brass-plated details. Only for short-time stain protection of brass coating, we use passivation with chromating. We propose our clients to use resin as an alternative to glossy brass plating. Using this technology at GALWAH guarantees a constant color of the coating regardless of the use conditions and doesn't require protection from oxidation.